This week, there are only liver-eating people

From Thairath, December 20, 2011
Cartoon title reads: This week, there are only liver-eating people.
[The cartoonist uses two idioms “eating a liver” and “picking a liver,” each in different panel for the same meaning: “conning someone out of their money or assets or ruining their reputation.”]
Upper left: Chinese-restaurant employees are picking their employer’s liver by selling it to rivals to eat! [It means Chinese-restaurant employees deceive their employers by stealing secret recipes to give to rivals.]
Upper middle: Swindlers use telephone calls to eat the liver of flood-relief donation TV programs! [Scammers setting up fake hotlines for supposed flood relief.]
Upper right: A popular singer’s liver was eaten by his ex-wife via Facebook! [She posted pictures on Facebook of him using drugs.]
Lower left: A massage-parlor tycoon acts all moral when he eats the liver of another massage-parlor tycoon! [Chuwit requested that Yingluck and Chalerm close down Ko Luck’s massage parlor for the sake of Thai youth.]
Lower middle: So far, no one knows who eats permanent secretary Supoj’s liver! On the poster: Announcement — Missing liver — Whoever finds it, please don’t return it! [referring to the millions of unexplained baht found at the house of permanent transport secretary Supoj. There has been peculation about the real amount of money found and who was really behind the robbery that exposed the millions in his house.]
Lower right: A deputy minister runs to Hong Kong to complain to the big boss [Thaksin] that the minister ate a big liver himself! [This is probably about corruption in the Transport Ministry.]

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