Divorcing Prayuth

From Manager, May 7, 2018
PM Prayuth: Honey… I’m going to hurry to reform our house.
Woman: No… You don’t need to. I’ll find the new one.
On her shirt: Thai people
On a sign above the house: Thailand
Caption: After being together for 4 years

[Refers to the apparent lack of reforms that have been delivered by the military junta. As the media began to point this out, the government seemed to suddenly rush to both boast about their accomplishments as well as promise further substantial reforms.
The cartoon shows a stereotypical rural house with PM Prayuth telling his spouse, representing the Thai people, that he will rush to clean up (or reform).
The cartoon suggests that it may be too late for the junta to do what it promised and win the hearts of the people.]

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