Divine punishment

From Naewna, September 16, 2020
On the cloud: Tropical storm ‘Noul’ is expected to hit Thailand during 18-20 September
On the sign: 19 September Occupied!! Sanam Luang [meaning students have vowed to occupy Sanam Luang for their protest]
Caption: Be careful… the punishment from nature!!!

[Refers to the youth protest on September 19 at Sanam Luang. At the same, weather reports are warning people of the tropical storm Noul.
The cartoonist portrays the students as buffaloes, an insult to imply they are stupid followers. The pig is meant to represent monarchy reform leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak.
The “joke” here is that the tropical storm is a punishment for the students daring to confront the monarchy over issues of reform and by protesting on the royal grounds of Sanam Luang (although many key protests have been conducted there over the years and only in recent times has it been fenced off).]

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