Distinguished Portraits

From Thairath, March 4, 2012
The cartoon reads: Hall of Fame
Upper left: The bravest revolutionary, brave enough to vote for his enemies to overthrow his constitution! [referring to Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin for supporting the Pheu Thai to amend the 2007 constitution he helped create after the 2006 coup]
Upper right: The civil servant who is known as the “billion-baht permanent secretary” since he is so economical that he has saved up a huge sum! [referring to Permanent Transport Secretary Supoj who was found to have vast amounts of cash stored in his house]
Lower left: The guru who knows everything except parliamentary ethics! [referring to Chalerm’s boisterous comments in parliament]
Lower middle: The great PR who makes the Four Seasons Hotel well known overnight! [referring to PM Yingluck who had a secret meeting in the hotel that made headlines for days]
Lower right: The grateful employee who looks after the boss’ sister! [referring to Pol. Maj. Gen. Thawat Boonfueng, acting PM Secretary General, a high-powered political operative who has been taking a greater role in government by shepherding PM Yingluck, Thaksin’s sister]

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