Dissolution of the Royal Thai Police


From Matichon, December 5, 2014

[Newspaper graphic describing what is, in effect, the dissolution of the power of Royal Thai Police. Rampant corruption in the system is only a secondary concern. The real intent is to break the back of the police as a force that has shown loyalty first to Thaksin. Since Thaksin’s first days in power, the police were groomed to once again become a force that could counterbalance the power of the military in politics.]

The Legal and justice system reform committee proposes the model of reorganization of the Royal Thai Police Office
1. Dissolution of the human resource executive [This is the internal police committee that overseas promotions in the force. At all levels of the police, large bribes are required to move up in rank.]
Dissolution of the OPC (Office of the Police Commission)
Establishment of the National Police Affairs Council [comprising the following]
– Head of security-related government agency
– Head of justice system/judiciary
– National Human Rights Committee members
– Persons selected by the members of parliament and senators
– Citizens who can participate in the appointment and transfer of police officers [as well]
[The inclusion of these parties in a committee on police promotions and transfers strikes at the heart of Thaksin and Red Shirt dogma as their plan for reconciliation is that the judiciary and NGOs be stripped of power to intrude into government affairs.]

2. Dissolution of the Royal Thai Police Office [meaning the end of the centralization of all police into a common command]
Transfer the following agencies
– Forest police to the Forest Department
– Railway police to the State Railway of Thailand
– Tourist police to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports
[At present the police provide security within ministries and other governmental departments, giving them influence and intelligence capabilities throughout the system. The new plan would allow ministries to command their own specialized security forces apart from the centralized law enforcement function of the national police.]

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