Disappearing article on lese majeste

The above article, Lese majeste cases threaten freedom of expression: UN seems to have vanished from The Nation website (it does appear in overseas syndication: Lese majeste cases threaten freedom of expression: UN).

The breaking news item is still online: OHCHR concerned with “lese majeste” casesThe Nation, August 19, 2014

But at least The Nation still brings us the important news that NCPO chief Prayuth invited to take “the Ice Bucket Challenge”

Khaosod’s story is still up: UN Raises Alarm Over Post-Coup Lese Majeste Cases

And the original UN press release: Thai law on defaming monarchy has ‘chilling effect’ on free expression – UN rights office

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  1. Wiz says:

    Colonel Romanov got his medical bills paid by Ai Maew’s money after all – it also the leak that UNHCR coming to protect colonel Romanov and other Anti Monarchy malcontents – This has raised some serious question whether member of UN Security Council run the conspiracy to turn Thailand into Republican regime using UNHCR as a tool.

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