Difficulties of the rice farmer


From Thairath, November 1, 2016
Title: Holding hands together…!
Words on upper left hand: Pressure to stop farming.
Lower hand: Rice millers cut the price
Words on right hand: Injustice. Political attacks.
Papers held by Yingluck: Rice pledging. Helping farmers to increase the rice price.
Phi Nooring: Kukam of this era.
Mouse: A sadness of farmers.

[Refers to Yingluck’s recent public selling of rice to help farmers amid the decline of rice prices. This cartoon compares the relationship between Yingluck and farmers with the famous Thai novel ‘Kukam’ in which the main characters are separated at the end.
Yingluck is certain to be personally bankrupted by fines related to her party’s expensive rice scheme and rice farmers have been suffering from the collapse of the rice market caused, in part, by the Pheu Thai’s policies that distorted the marketplace.
This cartoon contends Yingluck is trying her best to help the farmers but other forces are responsible for rice farmer’s troubles.]

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