Did you do it secretly?

From Thairath, September 25, 2020
Title: So happy because we are the owner of the world’s luxury hotel
On the island: Sri Panwa Phuket
Paper held by Labor Minister Suchart: The Social Security Office holds 22.6% of the shares.
On his suit: Labor
On signs held by people: Where does my social security fund go?; Lost job; Help; Ask for “remittance” not a “beggar;” Invest the fund immediately; Delay causes the members to be in trouble
Phi Nooring: Did you do it secretly?
Mouse: The investment fund must be transparent.

[Refers to the disclosure that the Social Security Office (SSO) invested the social security fund in the Sri Panwa Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust (SRIPANWA) including the Sri Panwa hotel in Phuket.
Recently, there is a call made by the anti-government groups to boycott Sri Panwa Hotel after its owner strongly criticized one of the student activists who criticized the monarchy.
Then, news was revealed that the SSO has a stake in the hotel. Labor Minister Suchart later confirmed that the social security fund has various investments in line with the SSO regulation and that some some were risky, but it is like a government bond. We are not sure the exact meaning of this, but we think it is like the concept of the government is saying do not worry as the government never loses in their investments as they print the money.
The cartoon implies this is the wrong usage of the money and shows struggling workers demanding they be provided for.]

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