Dictating the constitution


From Thairath, February 5, 2016
Title: Commenting about constitution is okay, but criticizing is NOT.
Vote Yeahs or Nays for the constitution referendum.
On the book: Meechai-version constitution.
On man being strangled: People.
On neckband card: Press
Mouse man: This is a 99.99% democracy. [mocking junta claims that Thailand will have a 99.99% democracy]
Mouse: Dictating the constitution.

[This cartoon from a pro-Thaksin and Red Shirt cartoonist shows opposing is being geared up to voted down and then resist the new charter. This draft has enough vague checks and balances that it would make it impossible for a future elected government to begin a new rewrite of the charter again. However, a future government that comes to power under the charter could point to a big “no” vote on the charter as reason an immediate rewrite is justified.]

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