Dhammayoyo consecrated a lot of Buddha amulets

From Thairath, February 20, 2017
Title: Yesterday, Dhammayoyo consecrated a lot of Buddha amulets.
Left to right: 1st Buddha posture locking on the woman; 2nd Buddha posture to hit the camera; 3rd Buddha posture to hit people’s chest; 4th Buddha posture on pretending; The monk says: “don’t attack the monk”

[Refers to the government’s attempt to arrest Dhammakaya abbot Dhammachayo on charges of money laundering. Dhammachayo was being protected by human shields who fought with authorities who tried to enter the temple to arrest the abbot.
This cartoon references the practice of an abbot blessing amulets symbolizing various postures of the Buddha or his followers. Here, the cartoonist jokes that the amulets portray the very unBuddhist-like actions the temple’s monks took to fend off police trying to arrest the abbot.
Some of the monks attacked a woman officer which violated the Buddhist principle of not touching a woman. Monks were also filmed fighting with the media and police officers.
The media sometimes makes fun with Dhammachayo’s name by calling him “DhamaYOYO” as is done in this cartoon.]

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