Dhammakaya requires money to get into heaven

From Manager, February 28, 2017
Man: What? You even killed yourself to protect the priest. Why can’t you get through heaven’s gate?
Man: I’m poor… I don’t have money to buy a hammer.
On the entrance gate: Heaven naja. [mocks fugitive abbot Dhammachayo’s eccentric way of speaking–he adds a feminine suffix to the end of his sentences instead of a male suffix]

[This cartoon ridicules the Dhammakaya sect asking people to buy merit by donating to the temple, rather than doing good things or following traditional Buddhist precepts.
Recently, an old man hung himself at the temple to protest the junta’s use of its absolute power under Article 44 to arrest fugitive abbot Dhammachayo.
The cartoon implies that even thought his man killed himself for the sect, he would not be able to get into heaven under Dhammakaya’s precepts as he did not have the money to buy one of the ceremonial hammers produced by the temple.]

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