Destroy the charter

From Thairath, May 30, 2018
Title: Come to help for monitoring… hitting the ones who destroy the future
On the Democracy Monument plinth: Constitution’ 60 of the NCPO [the military drafted charter]
On paper held by PM Prayuth: Extending the power
On paper held by head of the Constitution Drafting Committee Meechai: Destroy democracy
On a sign held by a mouse: Future forward

[This shows Thanathorn Juangroongru-angkit and his followers advancing on the military drafted charter to destroy it with sledgehammers. Thanathorn’s party uses the flashlight from mobile phones as a symbol that they will monitor politicians and the junta.
Thanathorn, who calls himself “billionaire Phai” in the style of Red Shirt slang, set up the Future Forward Party and vowed to dump the constitution because it is written for the advantage of the junta.
As this cartoonist always reflects Thaksin and Red Shirt ideology, the multiple times Thanathorn has been featured indicates that the Future Forward Party is likely part of Thaksin strategy to maintain political power.]

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