Destroy Thailand’s House

From Manager, October 21, 2020
Joshua Wong: My house has already been totally damaged. It’s your turn… Thorn [former Future Forward Party chief Thanathorn].
On a sign held by him: We stand with Thailand.

[Refers to Hong Kong political activist Joshua Wong who recently showed his support for the protests in Thailand. This connection is often referred to as the “Milk Tea Alliance.” Here he is speaking to former Future Forward Party executives.
Although Thailand’s protest is characterized as a student protest, former executives of the Future Forward Party are thought to be encouraging, if not outright organizing it.
The Future Forward Party was disbanded earlier this year and immediately promised furious protests, but were stymied by the pandemic lockdown.
At the time, it was rumored that the planned protests were going to take inspiration from the Hong Kong demonstrations, but this was denied at the time.
From a Westerner’s perspective, the protests in Hong Kong are an effort to stand up to the creeping Chinese takeover of the guarantees of freedom in Hong Kong. (Nikkei Asia has an interesting article on the search for a new Asian finance capital post-Hong Kong.)
However, this cartoon expresses an alternate view shared by the establishment in Thailand. This view is that extended protests ruined Hong Kong as a safe place to do business and that the former Future Forward execs wish to see the same in Thailand.]

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