Destroy only Shinawatra


From Thairath, March 11, 2015
Title: They haven’t died yet. We have to continue killing them.
On the hanging people: MPs and PTP [Pheu Thai Party]
Paper held by man: Extending dates for killing
On man’s coat: NACC
On baton: Section 44
On table: NCPO
Phi Nooring: Destroy only Shinawatra
A mouse: injustice
[Refers to the junta government that is continuing on their one and only mission–destroy Thaksin’s network. Section 44 gives power to the head of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) led by PM Prayuth to order, suspend or take any action he sees necessary for the benefits of reform or the country. Thaksin supporters know this means taking any and all actions to prove to the Thai political world that Thaksin is finished.]

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