Deputy PM Prawit is just Thaksin’s grandkid

From Manager, September 17, 2017
Thaksin’s daughter Aim Pintongta: That one is also another grandchild of dad.
Thaksin is kissing Deputy PM Prawit who he is thought to have met with in London during a recent trip.
Caption: Thaksin flew to hug three of his grandchildren in London.

[Around the time that observers noted that both Deputy PM Prawit, the most powerful person in the junta, and Thaksin had traveled to London at the same time, rumors were swirling that the military was negotiating with Thaksin directly over a deal on how the government would be formed after the next elections.
Despite denials from both the junta and Thaksin, no one believes that such negotiations are not taking place. Such deals alarm anti-Thaksin groups who fear that the junta’s slow progress on reforming the Thai police and Buddhist organizations is due to their focus on making deals to ensure their control of government after the next elections–and that the junta is deluding itself by thinking it can outmaneuver Thaksin.
The cartoonist lampoons Thaksin’s excuse for going to London–that he was only there to visit his grandchildren. The joke is that, since he met with Prawit, Prawit must be one of his grandkids.]

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