Thaksin’s speech on state TV

From Komchadluek, December 14, 2012
Man at telephone: Sir!! Men named Poh and Wattana want to buy air time on the station. What do you say, sir?
[Reference is to Thaksin Shinawatra’s address to the nation given at the opening ceremony of the “Thai Warriors Boxing” match in Macao. The event was broadcast live on government channel 11.
“Poh” is nickname of Somchai Khunpluem, a famous local businessman and politician from Chonburi. He was charged in a criminal case and sentenced to 25 years in jail. Like all Thai “big men” he fled the country rather than submit to the indignity of incarceration.
“Wattana” refers to Wattana Assawahem, former MP from Samut Prakan province and former leader of the Rassadorn Party. He was charged in a bureaucratic misconduct case and is also on the run.
The cartoonist jokes that if it ok a convicted figure like Thaksin to address the nation on government TV, then why not they let other convicts on the air as well.]

From Thairath, December 15, 2012
Left, Ai Joi: Old Yoi, how comes they wrote ‘ko’ that way? [‘ko’ is the first letter in Thai]
Old Yoi: No, they are ‘tho’… [another letter in Thai]
Middle, Old Yoi: So Tho Tho stands for The National Broadcasting Services of Thailand [NBT]
Ai Joi: Oh! I thought it’s ‘ko’…
Right, Ai Joi: …’cause everybody calls it Krom Kruag [meaning “department of foolishness”]
[Reference is to the NBT state television’s live broadcast of the “Thai Warriors Boxing” match from Macao. At the beginning of the broadcast, NBT allowed Thaksin to address the nation.
Ko is Ko-kai, a Thai letter (ก), while Tho is Tho-thahan, another Thai letter (ท). The abbreviation of the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand in Thai is So-Tho-Tho (สทท). However, the channel was used as the voice of the government rather than public TV. Therefore, the cartoonist calls the channel the “department of foolishness.”
In the cartoon, it plays a joke with this abbreviation. Rather So-Tho-Tho, which means the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand, it says So-Ko-Ko which stands for a department of foolishness.]

Above: screen capture of Thaksin on state TV giving a brief speech

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