Democrats Encircled

From Manager, October 19, 2012
Democrat Party Leader, Abhisit Vejjachiva says: “If you break a snake’s back, it’ll come back to get you later”… Wow! Brother Thuak… this is great… Who wrote it?!
Caption: He’s educated in England, so he never read it before.

[Man on the left is former Secretary of the Democrat Party, Suthep Thuaksuban. The Thai saying “If you break a snake’s back, it’ll come back to get you later” means that you have to destroy a person or problem or it will come back to seek revenge.
The Democrats thought they finished off Thaksin influence, but the Pheu Thai Party, directed by Thaksin, was elected and began a series of politically motivated legal cases targeting Democrat Party leaders.
Abhisit, educated abroad, apparently never heard of this Thai saying which warns that Thaksin would return for his revenge.]

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