Democracy Monument sits on a toilet


From Naewna, January 15, 2014
[Bangkok’s Democracy Monument sits on a toilet. His feces speak.]
Feces: Phee, Maew [Thaksin], help me!! Poo [former PM Yingluck] is now impeached and almost falling out.
Feces (representing Thaksin): I’m almost falling out as well.
On top of Democracy Mounment: Political reform
Caption: Crying out from Khikam
[This cartoon uses the word Khikam, from the northern Thai dialect language meaning something like “shit stuck inside the butt.” Thirayuth Boonmee, a well-known Thai political scholar, called Thaksin the Khikam of Thai politics meaning he was the real irritant and problem behind all the political turmoil of the last decade and has been difficult to overcome.
One of the main tasks of the present military junta is political reform, which, in real terms, means getting rid of the “Thaksin regime.” When Thaksin’s younger sister Yingluck was impeached for the rice pledging scheme it removed her from politics for five years and that means Thaksin’s Pheu Thai Party needs a new Shinawatra family member to lead it. This further complicates Thaksin’s ability to control the party agenda. The cartoonist implies democracy is slowly removing Thaksin and his family members who have been stubbornly clinging to power.]

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One Response to Democracy Monument sits on a toilet

  1. Wiz says:

    We do know that Yinglux is going to be a fugitive like her brother and the whole Shinnwatra clan have to run away to live in exile as they cannot find any substitute to Yinglux – time is running out for Yinglux – Red Dragon lady and EE Photjamarn are in Junta’s as well as Democrat’s and PDRC’s cross hairs while EE Sudarat is too independent – they have less and less money to pay UDD men to mobilize while UDD leaders are persona non grata due to the ideologies of Overthrowing monarchy as well as the damages from Flodo of 2011 and rice pledge scandals along with other populist programs

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