Democracy is in your hand, look down at it

From Thairath, November 13, 2012
Cartoon title: Democracy in the different era
Left, on the wall: Democracy is in your hand, look down at it.
[This was mocking graffiti written in restrooms to make fun of left-wing student activities in the 1973-76 period. During that era (and around the world), activism was intertwined with the idea of being anti-establishment and the breaking down of social taboos. Thus the graffiti was to suggest that student activists who pursued democracy and other reforms were actually part of the anti-establishment scene and just wanted to sleep with many girls.]

Right: Democracy is underneath your butt, sit down fast!
[Today some of the student activists from the 1970s are Thaksin and Red Shirt supporters. This right panel mocks Red Shirt leaders today who are seen to promote democracy as a way to obtain a cabinet post or other high positions in government.]

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