Demand Burning, Demand Democracy

From Thairath, March 13, 2013
Left: Before…
On backdrop: Lie Today [mocking the name of the pro-Thaksin “Truth Today” TV show promoted at Red Shirt rallies]
Natthawut Saikua: Set it on fire, brothers and sisters, I’ll be responsible for it.
Right: After…
On backdrop: Thai democratic evolution
Man on stage: Set it on fire, brothers and sisters, Deves Insurance will be responsible for it.

[Reference is to Natthawut Saikua, one of the key leaders of the Red Shirts, who denied being involved with the arson in Bangkok in 2010 despite a video clip showing him telling protesters they would set the city on fire if power was seized from them.
Recently a court ruling went against Deves Insurance in the case of paying for the fire damage. Typically civil unrest, terrorism, and rioting would not be covered–and these were undoubtedly the cause of the fires in 2010. The court case, ordering the insurance company to pay, seems to insinuate the fire was caused by other unknown reasons.]

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