Definition of a Fake Red Shirt


From Thairath, July 13, 2015
Left: A Red Shirt lady who claimed that Big Tu transferred a thousand-million baht fund to a foreign bank has already confessed that she [did it, but] wasn’t aware of the consequences.
Middle: Red Shirt leader Thida Thavornseth says: She is a fake Red Shirt.
Man: What would make her a “fake Red Shirt?”
Right: The real Red Shirt will confess that it was an unintentional mistake. [meaning a red Red Shirt would never openly omit they willingly did something wrong]

[Refers to the case of a Red Shirt supporter Rinda Paruechabutr who was charged with violating the Computer Crime Act, inciting unrest and causing panic among the public for spreading the rumor that junta chief Gen. Prayuth (nickname “Big Tu”) was transferring huge sums of money into offshore accounts. This rumor would back up Red Shirt claims that the junta was near collapse with pro-Thaksin military men about to oust the junta chief.
Red Shirts always claim that members who commit a violent act or say something outrageous are “fake Red Shirts” to imply they must have been paid to do so as the Red Shirt movement is entirely peaceful.]

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