Defending the government water project

From Thairath, July 2, 2013
Cartoon title: Borrow a helper’s hands to box
Arrow pointing to man on the left: Prachathipod [referring to the Democrat Party, of which the name is pronounced ‘Prachathipat’ in Thai. The syllable ‘pod’ can also perform as a complete word meaning ‘to lie’. So the ‘Prachathipod’ means the “lying Democrat Party.”]
On paper in hands of man on the left: The 35 billion baht water management project [The man is supposed to be the Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva.]
On shirt of the man wearing sunglasses: The media
Above the media’s head: Left jab, right jab
At leg of the media: K-watom [‘Watom’ is altered from ‘water’. The word ‘tom’ in Thai means ‘to con’. So ‘K-watom’ is supposed to mean that the company is a con or scam entity.]
On the hooded figure’s robe: Order to suppressed the people; 100 dead bodies [referring to the 2010 end to the Red Shirt protest]
Phi Nooring: Who cons whom?
Mouse: Make up news to destroy the country
[The Thai world usually assumes that big-money government deals are designed to benefit the ruling party in power and are often handled by shady companies. K-water was immediately attacked and was the object of media scrutiny after it won a government water management project. Predictably, the company threatened lawsuits against those who questioned the company’s financial health. Then, the entire project signing was put on hold when the courts ordered the government to hold public hearing and conduct environmental impact studies.]

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