Defend Yingluck! Govt regulator threatens webmasters with fines & jail if they allow people to post messages criticising the prime minister

MICT threat ‘a rights violation’ – The Nation, May 7, 2013
…National Human Rights commissioner Niran Pitakwatchara said yesterday such threats were a violation of basic rights of Thai citizens and that the right to criticise is a foundation of democracy. The prime minister should instead use criticism as feedback to reconsider her conduct and improve her work, Niran said, adding that if criticism were deemed false and defamatory, then the matter should be settled in the courts.
“The government or executive branch should not overstep its authority by forbidding the expression of views by the people in a democracy because this is akin to depriving people of basic rights,” Niran said…

Democrats blast Anudith’s cyber-shutdown threat – Bangkok Post, May 7, 2013
…The ICT minister declared on Sunday that his ministry would take prompt action against the owners of websites allowing people to post messages criticising the prime minister, threatening fines and jail terms, and warning they could be shut down.
He said they could be fined up to 20,000 baht or put in prison for one year under the provisions of the Criminal Code.
The minister’s rant came in the wake of a post by Somchai Katanyatanan, a popular cartoonist for the mass circulation Thai Rath newspaper under the name of Chai Ratchawat. He implied the prime minister was an ”evil woman” in a comment on her speech made at a democracy forum in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, on April 29…

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