China supports the junta?

From Thairath, December 20, 2018
Left, men (their silhouettes seem to indicate they are meant to be Red Shirt leaders or anti-junta activists): We must invite the America to observe the election because there are some parties…
Middle, men: …receiving funds from China to support Big Tu [PM Prayuth] to extend his power.
Head of the village: Do you have any evidence?
Right, men: Palang Pracharat and Ruam Palang Prachachart [pro-junta political parties] announced they would raise funds from Chinese dinners.

[Some anti-junta activists suspect that the junta has made a deal with China to support Prayuth’s return to power after the elections. We think the joke here is that the only evidence of Chinese support is a political dinner to raise funds for pro-junta parties which served Chinese food.]

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