China supports the junta?

From Thairath, December 20, 2018
Left, men (their silhouettes seem to indicate they are meant to be Red Shirt leaders or anti-junta activists): We must invite the America to observe the election because there are some parties…
Middle, men: …receiving funds from China to support Big Tu [PM Prayuth] to extend his power.
Head of the village: Do you have any evidence?
Right, men: Palang Pracharat and Ruam Palang Prachachart [pro-junta political parties] announced they would raise funds from Chinese dinners.

[Some anti-junta activists suspect that the junta has made a deal with China to support Prayuth’s return to power after the elections. We think the joke here is that the only evidence of Chinese support is a political dinner to raise funds for pro-junta parties which served Chinese food.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ai Maew and Yinglux in China before the post disappeared since Mainland China never wants to offense Junta government. – Now, we have learnt that Yinglux using Cambodian passport to escape to Hongkong and set up the shell company to purchase Guangdong Shantou International Container Terminal in Shantou. Furthemore, Voice TV is playing the issue about Chinese nettizens and the news about Yinglux while PT Propaganda would spin the news about the secret organization to protect Yinglux.

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