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From Manager, December 17, 2020
Facebook message: Yaowachon plotaek – Free Youth [the name of the Free Youth group in Thai and English indicating they are the sender] For the income of the capitalist world, the rich will be 1% while the lower class who works hard will be the 99%. The rich will get a massive profit while labor income is very small and they don’t have any rights in the company.
At right is Former Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn’s mother Somporn, CEO of Thai Summit. Caption: Makes an impression with labor.

[Former Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn is believed to play a behind-the-scenes role in the student protests. He is also a billionaire whose family-owned company Thai Submit Group has been facing a labor dispute due to massive layoffs.

The Free Youth group, which was once a part of the student protests, began espousing communism, first with their new logo and later with defenses of the communist economic system. The main student leaders disavowed the Free Youth and affirmed they were not seeking revolution.

The cartoonist jokes that all of this is ironic. Thanathorn is a paragon of the modern billionaire. However the student protests that are rumored to stem from Thanathorn’s own planned protests are apparently associated with much more radical ideas than one would expect from a tycoon from an established political family.]

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