Death and Thaksin


From Manager, April 1, 2015
A man with glasses: Even if the queue is very long, I’ll wait… I want to see with my eyes that he’s already died.
A man close to him: Me, too.
A man on the right corner: I want to make sure that he’s died
Three men on the top-left: Hey!! He’s already died!!
The picture: Thaksin
Caption: If this man dies… the queue will be longer than Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s
[This cartoon compares Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew death with an imagine death for Thaksin. While a long queue of people lined up to pay last respects to Mr. Lee, in the cartoon, people are waiting in the long queue to see Thaksin’s dead body in order to confirm that he has already died (and, supposedly, Thailand’s political troubles will be at an end).]


From an image circulated on social media
Shoot straight…
Then, it will end.
[This is a very provocative image from Facebook that advocates death for Thaksin and alleges he is behind all of Thailand’s political troubles. As political violence is a commonplace part of the Thai system, such threats indicate the real potential for violence in the Thai world.]


From an image circulated on social media
If we don’t have this ‘monitor’ born in Thailand, [meaning a monitor lizard, used to describe a disgusting, contemptible person]
People in the southernmost [provinces] and protesters… will not die.
Thai people will not divided.
The King will not be insulted.
National treasures will not be corrupted.
Are you a ‘human’ or ‘animal’???
[This poster also accuses former PM Thaksin as being the causes of many problems in the country. He is strongly criticized for using violent methods that reignited problems in the southern problems, insulting the royal family, and being corrupt.]

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