Dead baby bodies

From ThaiRath, by Sia, November 24, 2010
The cartoon title reads: The red shirt ghosts cry for six month, they pretend not to hear.
The cabinets at left have words that read: Dead baby bodies, victims of illegal clinics, illegal abortion clinics
The words coming out of the cabinets at top: Hue Hue HueU-wae U-wae [this is the sound of drying and wailing in Thai]
At right is the Ratchaprasong street sign.
The words above sign reads: We are killed at Ratchaprasong, We are killed at Kokwua intersection, We are shot at the Pan Fah, Soi Rangnam, Bonkai, Suan Lumpini [all areas where Red Shirts died during the protests]
[This cartoon complains that the media and public have been more concerned with the aborted babies scandal rather than the deaths that occurred among the Red Shirts.]
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