Daily World Today, May 7-13, 2011

From Daily World Today, May 7-13, 2011
Top headlines: Assassinating “Bin Laden” war and advantages
Bottom headline: Victim of the wicked “the cruel golden flower” more coquettish than the “golden orange blossom” [this refers to a popular drama that became the talk of the town recently due to the leading actress’s role as concubine and coquettish character – here the writer wants to refer to this to blame intrigue from others on the incarceration]
Other headlines: Marching: The activity of stupid men [referring to the army] – The victim of the wicked: “Somyos Prueksakasemsuk” – Equipment that police buy for themselves and pay by installment by themselves – The Democrat government seems to lose sovereignty! – Power war of the ballot box and misery from bad deeds?

From Daily World Today, May 7-13, 2011
The black word on red: Mahaprachachon Weekend edition by Truth Today news team – Meet you [issued] every Friday on book selling stands – Yingluck, the first lady to be PM of Thailand?

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