Hair News Front Page

From Daily News, April 19, 2011
This is a wrap-around advertising supplement that appeared in the Daily News as a fake front page about hairstyles. On the inside page are ads for shampoo. As in many Thai advertisements, the concept of the quirky joke almost seems more important that advertising the product itself.

The headline reads: The hair-doing trends that shows parts of the scalp spread widely from celebs to teenagers and white-collars [This refers to shaving designs into the scalp and cornrows that have become popular with some Thai celebrities.]
The other headline reads: “Ploy” walks away from “Petch” showing up alone at Siam Center wearing African American braided hair fashion causing doubt among her fans [“Ploy,” Rattanarat Euataweekul, and her twin “Petch”, are star from the teen movie “Rao Song Sam Kon.” For some reasons fans of the young stars expect them to always appear together at all times or they begin speculating they are having an argument.]

From Daily News, April 19, 2011
The words read: Dare to show your head skin… keep your head ready and see you soon!!

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