Cutting the Stipend

From Manager, May 17, 2016
Somkid Jatusirpipat says: Slowly pull it out, Mr. Apisak. She is old and doesn’t need to use it. Hurry up, I want to have a steamed bun so bad. [pointing to a 7-11]
Caption: When hungry, even last 600 baht of grandma… they still can steal.

[Refers to the Finance Ministry led by Apisak Tantivorawong that is considering cutting the monthly stipend for well-to-do senior citizens in order to save money. Normally, an elderly person will receive 600 baht per month. Before taking the position of Finance Minister, Apisak was also known as a board member of many big companies including CP, the owner of 7-11 convenient stores. The cartoonist criticizes the plan to cut back on support for seniors.]

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