Cutting a tail and leaving it at the temple


From Manager, January 24, 2016
Woman: They left it at the right temple.
On the back of the pickup truck: Democrat Party
The man in the pickup is Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva.
On the temple gate: Transitional temple
The man inside the temple is PM Prayuth.

[Refers to Thai proverb “cutting a tail and leaving it at the temple” meaning to disassociate oneself from something or to stop a relationship.
This cartoon shows Bangkok governor ML Sukhumbhan Paribatra (whose nickname is “Moo” meaning “pig” in English). Here he is shown as a big with his tail cut off because the Democrats threw him out of the party due to his poor performance as governor. This ejection has left Sukhumbhan without political protection and it is expected this will make is easy for the junta to unilaterally take harsh action against the arrogant governor.]

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