False Cries Against Thaksin

From Thairath, April 10, 2012
The title reads: In the past “shout in cinemas”
In the present “shout in the middle of city”
A man on the left: Reconciliation is for Thaksin’s amnesty!
Man on the middle (Democrat Suthep): The constitution amendment is to help Thaksin!
The hooded man says: Thaksin talked to the southern terrorists secretly.
On the robe: Order to subdue people.
From the gutter: [They intend to] Demolish the royal institution.
The mouse on the left says: His habit hasn’t changed
The other mouse says: Satan magic
[From the end of World War II, anonymous shouting in cinemas was a Thai practice to spread rumors about political enemies, especially to spread false rumors to agitate people to feel hate and resist that person. In the cartoon it is saying false rumors are being spread openly against Thaksin.]

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