Critics of the Constitution


From Thairath, January 25, 2016
Title: Ta board Ta sai [means a person is blind, but from the outside looks totally normal]
On the elephant: Political reformation constitution

Speech boxes from left: This hole will bring the country into serious crisis for sure!
Writing this to suppress corruption is meant to suppress our party!
No prescription for the country’s corruption cases. Don’t you think it is too much? [refers to politicians’ negative view of new rules that would ban the corrupt for life]
What is this hole under the tail? Is this the hole to let the outsource in? [meaning that the hole under the tail is big enough to have some people outside of politics to go in and oversee the elected]
Revoke the husband and wife’s council? Don’t stop the family institution! [refers to bans on family members of MPs holding other political posts. This is to prevent the notorious “couples’ parliament” when spouses of MPs ran for election for the supposedly neutral senate.]
Gives the independent entity power to go against people!
[Illustrates the way the many different critics of a new constitution will comment on it depending on their own perspective and what they might win or lose if it is passed.]

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