Covid will knock him out

From Manager, March 18, 2020
Opposition party members at left: Covid kill him… Knock him down… Go kill him… Yeah!
Virus: We have been boxing in several countries. Only in this country are their people cheering us.

[PM Prayuth’s government has been criticized for its hesitant handling of the growing Covid19 crisis as well as for the mysterious lack of face masks despite government claims that there are plenty available.
Opposition groups have been quick to capitalize on this unexpected crisis for the government. Former members of the disbanded Future Forward Party launched a “Progressive Movement” that specifically targets issues such as overpriced masks as well as public lack of confidence in the present government to handle the crisis.
The campaign features a series of photos of former party leaders wearing masks with messages in English for the government, such as “If we burn, you will burn with us.”
These criticisms are intertwined with the perennial opposition desires over the last decade–such as rewriting the constitution and dissolving the Constitutional Court.
The opposition is furious over an appointed senate that allows the military-backed government the final upper hand in blocking opposition desires to rewrite the charter. It also seethes that yet another popular political party that threatens the establishment has been dissolved.
The cartoonist attacks the opposition parties for using the pandemic as a chance to whip up opposition to the government.]

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