Covering up the truth

From Thairath, October 21, 2020
Title: Crackdown on the media showing the truth
On the water: Restrict media’s freedom; Shut mouth; Threaten the media
On reporter’s shirt: Prachathai
On microphone: News
Protesters: “Ahere!” Get out!
Phi Nooring: Victims of the dictators always
Mouse: #Save Freemedia

[Refers to the government’s order to investigate and suspend the media and online platforms, namely Voice TV, Prachatai, the Reporters, the Standard and the Facebook page ‘Free youth’ as they were accused for reporting news about anti-government protests. This was after the government suddenly took a hard line and used water cannons on the protesters. The courts later turned down the government’s order.
The word “ahie” means “younger brother.” It is being used by the protesters in place of the insult word “ihear” meaning “damn” or “bad person.”
The student protesters have shown an unusual amount of decorum for Thai-style protest which is usually expected to be both insulting and protracted. Instead, they have emphasized non-violence and conducted short protests.
When they were criticized for using the insulting “ihear” in their chants, they duly switched to the euphemistic “ahie.”
This style of protest has caused pundits in the Thai media to predict the protesters will get tired of protesting as, without an extended and confrontational standoff, a protest (at least through Thai eyes) cannot be successful.
Below are links to some earlier cartoons. While these are hostile to the students, ridiculing there tactics, their point of view brings to light these other aspects of the context of the protests and how they diverge from earlier efforts.
Earlier: Different tactics
Earlier: Wrong kind of revolution]

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