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Also: First thoughts on the 2014 coup
Also: Martial Law: What’s really going on in Thailand
Also: CNN urges Thais to tweet about conditions in the country as its television channel remains blocked
Also: Please record websites that you suspect have been blocked by the junta
Also: Status of people who has been called or detained by the junta since the coup
Also: The Evolving Banner of the Junta (as well as the junta names from the 2006 coup)
Also: Freegate is the most popular circumvention proxy anonymity software used in China that helps millions daily
Also: The junta on Facebook

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Above: New blocking image for sites blocked in Thailand (and new block url-> )

That Thailand is ruled by a coup suggests that Thaksin did little to improve the foundations of democracy

Asian Human Rights Commission: Thai junta cracks downs on political freedom and freedom of expression
100 ping pong bombs seized from a Red Shirt suspect’s house
Don’t mess with Oz: Thailand’s junta “would be wise to heed” Australian warning
AP: In junta-ruled Thailand, the simple act of reading in public becomes a new form of resistance
Bloomberg: Groundhog Day in Thailand Began With Cop-Billionaire
More on the post-coup illegal wood crackdown: Rosewood seized after 100km chase
100 anti-coup protesters demonstrated at Terminal 21 after editor of Lai Jood magazine posted a message on Facebook
Thaksin’s dream of exile government faces hurdles
3,000 illegally cut rosewood logs seized
Military reconciliation activities start with get-together parties, friendly talks
Members of the public are asked not to wear military fatigues which make them look like military personnel
Fugitive Red Shirt to announce surprise protest site for Sunday rally
Malaysia’s opposition leader condemns Thai coup
Very unusual opinion to see in a US newspaper: Thai coup holds promise of democracy

Thai Coup Update: Time to Invest?

Thai Coup: Lessons for Myanmar
AP: Thai Junta Says Immediate Election is ‘Impossible’
Thaksin lawyers who were jailed for trying to bribe a judge lose appeal to be reinstated as lawyers
Thai Startups Wary After Facebook Outage
Lavish PDRC party draw flak
Red Shirt Flags Taken Down from Chiang Mai Temple
MPs deny drunken gambling quarrel at army camp
PT MP reports as monk, old political trick, 2008 photo fears Thaksin returns as monk
Junta: No amnesty in reconciliation process
No post-coup violence as Reds promised, Instead “extend moral support to the NCPO” for its “good intention”
Logs seized from Shinawatras probed

Hardcore Redshirt ‘Rambo’ Quits Politics For Life

Thailand’s most colorful politician missing?
Troops file assault complaints against protesters
Pheu Thai ministers nearly brawl in army camp after 4 million baht poker loss
Thaksin reported to be in Japan
WSJ: Thailand’s Generals in a Corner
Army says man living abroad masterminding “Khon Kaen model” sabotage to resist the coup
Urgent order to governors of all provinces to be prepared for nationwide political rallies on June 1
Prayuth outlines stages to elections
Asian Human Rights Commission: Reinstate democracy and restore democratic rights of Thai people
Anti coup protesters warned of drastic action
Thai Ambassador: Coup ‘wrong in principle’ but ‘morally right’
Going after the untouchables: illegal wood confiscated from Yaowapa’s house (Thaksin’s sister)
“Cash payment returns happiness to rice farmers”

Reuters: Thai military rulers appoint anti-Thaksin advisers

Mood darkens for Thais
Turnabout: Red Shirts to join with junta to jointly lead country to democracy?
The quick liquidation of Thaksin’s foe: Police ready to revive Akeyuth’s case if…
Reuters: Thai ministry admits blocking Facebook to stem anti-coup criticism
NCPO denies blocking Facebook
Hun Sen reiterates: Thaksin will not be allowed to form an exile government in Cambodia

Pracchatai: ICT was ordered by junta to block Facebook because it provoked conflict & violence

Army claim: Army Loudspeaker ‘Hijacked By Imposter’ At Victory Monument
Reuters: In divided Thailand, some welcome coup as necessary medicine
Reuters: After Thai Coup, Junta Has New Opponent: Social Media

Earlier: Coup news May 22-26
Earlier: Coup news May 27-28

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