Coup news May 27-28, 2014

Earlier: Coup news May 22-26

Thai Junta Sets Up Reconciliation Centres to Soothe Divisions
Troops tear down antenna of “Red Guard” community radio run by fugitive hardcore Red Shirt leader Kotee

Remembering the 2006 coup: At the Royal Plaza: Tanks, families, & Scientologists

Thailand plans a national internet gateway so that the censorship can be made more efficient
May 27: Re-release of “government-in-exile” press release from Thaksin’s lawyer
Arab News: Bangkok under the boot
Thaksin lawyer to media: call those who are detained “hostages” & instead of “trial” use “hearing”
AP: From beaches to Bangkok, tourists ask ‘What coup?’
Southern Baptists pray that Thais let go of old traditions and powers and open up to the Gospel
Washington Post: Thailand’s cybercoup
Thaksin’s provincial governors swept from power; Nine reshuffled
Royal Thai Police to be dissolved and transformed into the “Ministry of Internal Safety”
“In Thailand, once the country’s situation returns to normal, the army gives power back; In Burma, it’s been different”
Burmese Politicians Comment on Thai Coup
Remembering Thaksin as PM: Aura of fear pervades Thai media
Remembering the Thaksin years: Politics in the Age of Thaksin
Thai Farmers Get Rice Payments as Military Steps Up Propaganda
Identical banners paraded in Phuket, Lopburi & Ubon Ratchathani–provinces separated by hundred of miles
South China Morning Post: There are doubts over loyalty of officials and police in Thaksin country
Red-shirt landmark turns white

Remembering the 2006 coup: News leading up to the 2006 coup

Bloggers to the rescue to change global perceptions of traveling to Thailand
Bottles of green tea believed laced with poison were given to the soldiers in Rama II
Chaturon to be tried in military court for defying the National Council for Peace and Order’s summons
Despite intense speculation, Hun Sen pledges no exile Thai regime allowed in Cambodia
Two reporters summoned by Army secretary, warned not to try to corner junta chief
AP: Thai troops detain gov’t minister who blasted coup

What did Thaksin do last time to oppose the 2006 coup?

Junta says all freed persons must strictly comply with conditions
Soldiers search Varorot Grand Palace hotel in Chiang Mai & seize ammunition and explosives
Army continues purging hardcore redshirts
Soldiers search Rak Chiang Mai 51 radio station
People sponsoring anti-coup protests include horse racing machine operator (NCPO) announced Monday
Burma Election Commission Warns Suu Kyi Over ‘Challenging the Army’
One year ago this month: Thaksin Blinks – Court Siege Called Off

Prediction: anti-coup protesters will attempt a “tank man”-style stoppage of a Thai army Humvee

3 years ago this month: Thaksin: I’ll return at the end of the year & declare a 2nd round of war on drugs

Seized weapon in Samut Sakhon links to lethal attack on PDRC in Trat

Unusually provocative comments led to suspicions the army was goading to provide pretext for a crackdown
“The foreign correspondents are scoundrels. They are here to sell Thailand.”

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