Coup Around the Corner

From Thairath, February 22, 2012
The cartoon title reads: Stickers are used to point out targets of terrorism.
First row stickers, from left to right: Use salim to do your work. [Salim is a Thai dessert, multicolored, and here refers to new multi-colored group which has appeared to oppose amending the constitution for Thaksin] — Oppose the government — Encourage the military to stage a coup — Autonomous organizations [referring to the Pheu Thai proposal to eliminate some independent courts that could limit or disband political parties]
Second row stickers, from left to right: Attack Wor 5 [the code for Yingluck meaning something like “top security”] — Attack the senators — Oppose the constitutional amendment — Accuse — Distort the news
Third row: Attack
Trash bin: Oppose the constitutional amendment
Trash bag: Discredit
Dog: Distort
On Chalerm’s sign: Constitutional amendment in accordance with public opinion

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