Council on Foreign Relations: Suu Kyi faces growing criticism

Suu Kyi Faces Growing Criticism – Council on Foreign Relations, December 26, 2013
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…Until recently, Suu Kyi’s reluctance to condemn the attacks on Muslims—she even, in an interview in the fall, seemed to condone the ethnic cleansing attacks by vaguely referring in an interview to “global Muslim power”—did little to tarnish her reputation internationally as an icon of democracy and human rights. She has continued to travel the world, receiving various awards from governments, foundations, and other institutions.
But in the past two months, the world finally seems to have realized that Suu Kyi, now a politician and a declared candidate for president in 2015, is acting more and more like a politician—and abandoning much of the moral firmness that made her so respected and beloved…

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