Corruption at Ratchapakdi Park: Similar cartoon from Red and Yellow cartoonists


From Manager, November 19, 2015
Soldier: Do not let the press… especially the NACC [National Anti-Corruption Commission] trespass on our sovereignty.
Sign: Military zone. Do not enter.


From Thairath, November 18, 2015
Caption: Take some money off the top, making it like a donation. Is this cheating? Is this corruption?
On the book: Thai anti-corruption – NACC [National Anti-Corruption Commission]
On the man’s back: Justice.
On the paper he holds: Tackling only Pheu Thai Party and former PM Yingluck only!
Nooring: Unable to find the right answer in the book.
Mouse: Good people aren’t cheating.

[This refers to the scandal over the financing of Ratchapakdi Park in Hua Hin. The military proudly handled the project as a show of fealty to the monarchy. Eventually accusations about corruption and funding irregularities led to several investigations as well as charges that the military was only covering up the scandal.
The cartoonist is using one of the Red Shirt perennial complaints–that anti-Thaksin authorities apply double standards, attacking the Pheu Thai Party and Yingluck while ignoring scandals of their allies.]

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4 Responses to Corruption at Ratchapakdi Park: Similar cartoon from Red and Yellow cartoonists

  1. Wiz says:

    No transparency on the investigation of Rajphakti park scandal

    Big Dong may have no choice left but to step down to allow the ship of state to go on

    Rajphakti park scandal has given a cold shoulder to army men

    Eastern tiger running away from rajphakti park scandal while BMA governor hog running away for the case of piano for BMA schools scandal

    Sgt New is more valuable than Ai Too and Ai Ten

    Sgt New in trouble with Junta

    Big Pom arresting one who come up with Rajphakti park plot

    Big Too telling Ram Khamhaeng students not to be naive like those LLTD

    Never forgive what EE Aum neko and co have done

    Ram Khamhaeng students Denouncing LLTD

    Ai Too and Ai Ten have no nerve to fight against Big Tok

    Sgt New cannot deny his connection with PT-UDD leaders – PDRC men have also condemned the mainstream media who love to create national disunity to make money from the national crises

    Now, even Thammasart Student Union telling those LLTD students not to run such political activities out of the campus as it is going to bring Junta to come to meddle into the affairs of University

    Mockery toward the hypocrisy of LLTD students

  2. Wiz says:

    the investigation of Rajphakti park scandal with connection to the late Moh Yong

  3. Wiz says:

    the case of 100 journalists taking a serious news on the arrest of Sgt New and 2 companions ONLY exposes more and more hypocrisy of Thai media who take side with Anti Junta for advertising money from Ai Maew

    Director of Nongnut park insisting that all the trees from Nongnut park is donation to Rajphakti park, not purchasing

    Big Pok said there are corruptors who cause Rajphakti park scandal

    Big Dong vs Big Tok on Rajphakti park scandal

    more mass arrests due to the Rajphakti park scandal charts through social networks

    arresting 20 page administrators who allow the posting of Rajphakti park scandal chart

    Now, those anti monarchy UDD faction going to exploit Rajphakti park scandal by sending their henchmen to joint with LLTD

    Rajphakti park scandal by UDD propaganda

    Anti Junta raising the issue on the early demise of Moh Yong and Inspector Iad

  4. Wiz says:

    Uncle Sam starting to exploit Rajphakti park scandal

    the graphic info about Rajphakti park scandal

    the Rajphakti park scandal investigation done by the end of the year – no need the input from Ai Ten

    Big Dong vs Big Tok on Rajphakti park scandal investigation

    Using the rumor of Khon Por demise to distract from Rajphakti park scandal i

    on the issue of Rajphakti park scandal chart

    Ai Thanet of Rajphakti park scandal chart released with bails and string attached

    So few UDD men have a nerve to sign a petition to bring those LLTD students out of police custody

    No need for Sgt New to come to see Ai Thanet (the one arrested for Rajphakti park scandal chart to accuse against Junta)

    summonsing Seh Burin to find more evidence to prosecute LLTD

    Military tribunal allowing the bailout for activists but with string attached

    Ai Ten raising the issue of cracked concrete plaza in Rajphakti park – Big Pom ignored Ai Ten

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