Corruption and the Police Stations

From Thairath, February 1, 2013
Cartoon title: The only police officer who still smiles when there is no police station [for officers to work in].
Sign behind the dummy police officer: Sert. Chuii is on duty here, sir.
Sign on the right: Building 396 new police stations across the country with the job bidding granted to just one contractor
On poles from left: corruption, colluding bid; Corruption in the Thai Khem Khaeng projects; the contractor deserts the jobs
Phi Nooring: Poor him, he’s in an awkward predicament.
Man mouse: Bring the corrupted to justice
[The construction project of 396 new police stations nationwide was initiated under the Thai Khem Khaeng project of the Abhisit Government. The bid for the project was granted to only one contractor who later left the job unfinished. The case is now being handled by the Department of Special Investigation’s responsibility.]

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