Conversations with Thaksin, Thailand’s prime suspect

Conversations with Thaksin, Thailand’s prime suspect –, January 25, 2012
…”You know how much I was paid during my prime ministership? Three thousand U.S. dollars a month. And no pension. You know how much I paid for my security people? They assign a security team for me, but they are government officials, so I need to pay them more. The total came to about $15,000 a month — just for my security team.”
“That’s out of your own pocket?”
“And I got paid $3,000 a month as P.M.!”
“The only person who could be prime minister is someone who is either very independently wealthy, or is getting an income stream from some sources that are — how to say it? — not completely evident. That’s a formula for bad government…”

Foreign Policy Under Yingluck: Return to Thaksin’s CEO Style? –, January 25, 2012
…It is fair to say that since Thaksin’s downfall in 2006, Thailand has had no tangible foreign policy. The Samak Sundaravej and Somchai Wongsawat governments were short-lived. And the Abhisit Vejjajiva period was marked by conflicts with neighboring countries, especially Cambodia.
…Ultimately, both Yingluck and her foreign minister, Surapong Tovichakchaikul, have no experience in diplomacy. And one must not forget that Yingluck is indeed Thaksin in disguise. Accordingly, it is likely that she will restore the “Thaksinized” foreign policy that was essentially commerce-driven without any respect for principles.
In 2001 to 2006, Thailand under Thaksin was so ambitious that it thought it could conquer the world…

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