Conversations with Thaksin: a sycophantic approach to biography
การสนทนากับทักษิณ : การประจบมุ่งเข้าไปสู่ชีวประวัติ

Conversations with Thaksin: a sycophantic approach to biography –, February, 2012
…Beyond that, the tone is folksy, often to the point of grating, and we learn far more about Plate’s own life than is desirable: his problems with his waistline, what he did when he realised he was going to be fired from the LA Times, the fact that his father had a temper and so did his best friend at college, his wife’s opinion of his wish to be liked; and so on and so on.
…Well, “Professor Tom” is certainly not one to wield the knife. He is prone to come up with analyses that other commentators have unaccountably overlooked, such as his suggestion that what Thailand needs is an international commission of reconciliation, on the board of which should sit Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi (assuming she is at liberty, which she has never been thus far, to leave and re-enter Myanmar), the Pope, Jimmy Carter and “every saint, all the goody types, you know?” How Plate thinks that Thailand and its king could possibly countenance such an intrusion into the country’s politics is beyond comprehension…

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