Controversial junta scandals

From Manager, November 29, 2018
Left to right: 2 submarines with a commission of 4 billion?; 240 luxury watches?; Absorb 200 MPs and pay 4 billion?; Tu [nickname of PM Prayuth] will be the PM for a 2nd term for another 4 years
Caption: Pom [nickname of Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwanit] gives a hint by his fingers which can be interpreted in many ways

[The cartoonist depicts Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwanit making his characteristic gestures to give a hint about the date of the election on February 24 next year. The cartoon shows a number of Prawit’s controversial scandals involving him such as purchasing submarines from China, owning luxury watches, and absorbing the members of other parties with bribes just like Thaksin once did.]

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