“Contemptible” Dutch lawyer angers Cambodia

“Contemptible” Dutch lawyer angers Cambodia – www.rnw.nl, November 8, 2012
…‘Hun Sen restrained himself where I was concerned, but he has made public statements about me personally, and I’m known as ‘the contemptible Mr Beard’. Pestman explains this could be considered a very threatening use of the word contemptible as that’s how the Khmer Rouge referred to their enemies at the time.
…‘There’s this one-party state and this towering figure of Hun Sen who’s been in power since the Khmer Rouge regime ended in 1979. Everyone is terrified of him. He has not shied away from killing members of the opposition in the past, so it’s not a pleasant atmosphere. I’m not sure if the court infects Cambodian society or whether society infects the court – either way, it’s not a shining example for the Cambodian people and it’s unlikely to have a positive legacy’.

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