Constitution must come from the people

From Thairath, June 1, 2018
Title: Preventing us–for only we have the power to tear. [meaning military power and the present charter are set up to prevent people from writing a new constitution]
On the Democracy Monument plinth: Expanding the power in the constitution.
Below the tank from left to right: Tearing up every constitution that has been made; Overthrow the government [accusations made against the military]
On shirt of man on the boot: Barrister of NCPO [the junta]
The barrister is saying: Tearing are not allowed [meaning “rewriting the constitution” is not allowed]
Mouse man: Constitution must come from the people.
Mouse: Legacy of dictator.

[This cartoonist always echos Thaksin/Red Shirt viewpoints and has often repeated certain points week after week in the lead up to political confrontations. Thus, it is safe to look to this cartoonist’s work as reflecting the political overview desired by Thaksin-aligned political forces.
This cartoon refers to billionaire businessman Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit’s pledge to rip up the military-drafted charter if his party succeeds at the polls. This pledge reflects the aims of both the earlier People Power Party and the Pheu Thai Party–both of which attempted wholesale rewrites of the charter to enable Thaksin to be pardoned and presumably return to political prominence.
The pledge is a bold challenge to the ruling junta and it seems to confirm suspicions that Thanathorn represents yet another Thaksin-centric attempt to push for charter rewrites.
After Thanathorn’s promise, the junta responded with legal threats–some of which claiming that calling for a charter rewrite is against the charter.
Update (June 16, 2018): It is interesting to note how all the major parties are now also taking aim at the junta’s charter–Leading players want charter amended after next election–indicating unease with the restrictive charter far beyond only Thaksin’s political machinations.]

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