Conjure up the specter of Thaksin to haunt people

From Thairath, September 27, 2011
Left panel: The Nitirat group says someone is trying to conjure up the specter of Thaksin to haunt people…
Middle panel: Man on the left: …and they’re begging the politicians to leave Thaksin’s ghost alone.
Man on the right: Who is it that the Nitirat group is talking about?
Right: Over there.
Sign: Thaksin thinks, Pheu Thai acts.

[The Nitirat group of judges have proposed annulling post-coup acts. Critics have contended this would, in effect, pardon Thaksin and have criticized the judges for acting on Thaksin’s behalf. The judges responded by saying their critics only bring up Thaksin as a scare tactic.
The cartoonist makes the joke that the Pheu Thai Party is really the group bringing up Thaksin through their moves to help him travel and promises that Thaksin is really directing party policy.]

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