Conflict and Skepticism

From Manager, August 18, 2013
Blue sign reads: People must come out [to protest] first
Symbol at right corner: The Democrat Party
Top caption: Having demanded from other people all along [that they come out to protest against Thaksin-directed governments]
Green sign reads: The Democrat must come out first [to lead protests against the Yingluck government]
Right corner: People
Bottom caption: Begin to be demanded
[Reference is anti-Thaksin protests during the past decade in which the Democrat never participated (at least openly) maintaining that they believe in the parliamentary system. The cartoon maintains that the Democrats must lead any new anti-government protests.]

From Manager, August 20, 2013
Man: Frogs… bullfrogs are croaking… meaning it’s going to rain.
Left: Nature’s sign for the country people
Man: Rhino is out wandering meaning there is a parliamentary meeting.
Right: [Nature’s sign] …for the Bangkokians
[Rhino is pronounced ‘raed’ in Thai which also means ‘slutty,’ a slur to refer to Prime Minister Yingluck. The idea that the rhino is out wandering refers to foreign trips the prime minister is sent on when contentious bills are debated.]

From Manager, August 20, 2013
Caption: The audience doesn’t understand the hero.
On backdrop: Likay on the parliamentary system [‘Likay’ is the informal Thai classical theatrical performance.]
Audience, from left: Just get off the stage… stop playing; Stop playing; Get down… get down…
The hero, former PM Abhisit: No, I cannot get off the stage… You don’t understand, there must be a hero and a villain in Likay… without the hero, it won’t be a Likay.
[The villain stomping him is Thaksin Shinawatra. Some anti-Thaksin people think that the fighting in parliament against amnesty and constitutional amendments is merely a show and that the opposition Democrats are not really sincere in resisting efforts to return Thaksin to Thailand.]

From Manager, August 22, 2013
Left sign: Parliamentary spokesman
Right sign: Senate spokesman
Parliamentary spokesman: Why do you look so familiar… Have we ever met before?
Senate spokesman: Eh!… I’m hanging by your side… Don’t you remember?
Caption: Both are Khai Maew [‘Khai’ in this context means ‘testicles’, while Maew is nickname of Thaksin Shinawatra. This criticizes parliamentary leaders for expediting amnesty and constitutional amendments.]

From Thairath, August 22, 2013
Left title: In the olden time…
Left: Quiet man, or I’ll call a police to take you out!
Right title: Present time…
Parliamentary spokesman: Sit down the Opposition! If not, I’ll call the riot police to take you out!!!
[Reference is to the chaos during parliamentary debate on August 19 which ended up with the spokesman calling the parliamentary police into the parliament to remove Democrat MPs. The spokesman also asked the Metropolitan Police Department to send a troop of riot police to surround the building while the debate went on.]

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