Conflict with the Lanna Kingdom


From Thairath, May 14, 2016
Left: It’s the UN’s job is to stop international conflict, but the conflict on Article 112…
Middle: …it’s a domestic problem. How can the UN intervene?
UN man: Yes, we can…
Right: It’s an international conflict between Thailand and the Lanna Kingdom.

[Article 112 is Thailand’s lese majeste law. Many Thais have been sensitive to both UN and US criticism of the law believing criticism of the monarchy is used by Thaksin’s pressure groups as a political lever.
In the past, at key political junctures, such as when the Pheu Thai was trying to enact an amnesty for Thaksin, the Red Shirts have raised the issue of succession by calling for the reestablishment of the Lanna Kingdom in the north. Red Shirt dogma in the north has contended that Thaksin is a reincarnated royal who thus deserves his own area to rule. At other times, Red Shirts (particularly the mainstream leaders) have flatly denied they have ever called for a separate state.
The joke in the cartoon is that the UN is not interfering in Thailand’s internal affairs, but helping in an international spat between Thailand and Thaksin’s Lanna Kingdom of the north. This implies that the UN is siding with Thaksin and his interests which is a common conspiracy theory among Thais who oppose Thaksin.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For the conspiracy of UN is siding with Thaksin and his interests, it has been echoed by the latest article published in Post Today [Friday 27 May 2016] by ex National Security Council Secretariat.

    Ex National Security Council Secretariat has mentioned that Ai Maew considered His Majesty as the main obstacle for his great ambition. However, Ai Maew has recognized that his own power base from PT-UDD men along with those anti monarchy intellectuals inside the country as well as those Anti monarchy fugitive abroad will never be strong enough to confront with His Majesty and Royalists, so he has to lull Uncle Sam as well as UN to joint with this conspiracy by offering U-Tapao, oil concession to please American oil magnets, and other SWEET deals [TPP or so] that please Corporate American as the way to force Uncle Sam to make full commitment on this conspiracy by the UN Human right Watch to become Nominee of this conspiracy while US Ambassador has become an agent for this conspiracy.

    This kind of conspiracy also has been constantly echoed by those columnists and editors of Thai Post which can be spotted as a regular basis.

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