Common ties

From Thairath, March 23, 2021
Title: Mission for security
Left title: In the city
On the cameraman: Press
On man: People
Right title: Border Right, soldier on the truck: Food you asked us to buy is arriving now.
Sign on the truck: Army
Sign on the gate: Thailand-Myanmar Phi Nooring: Friends need to help each other.
Mouse: Don’t care about the world [meaning they do not care about the world’s opinion]

[Refers to the relationship between the Thai government and the Myanmar military. Recently, there was news that the Thai army provided 700 sacks of rice to Myanmar’s military. The Thai army contended that they were asked by Myanmar’s military to purchase rice in compliance with border-ties cooperation agreements, which was a normal practice.
The cartoonist contends that both militaries are bent on violent harassment of their citizens.]

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